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Labhair Linn!

Zoom Irish Classes for Primary School Children.

Build confidence and fluency.

Only four in a group. 

Fun and easy half hour weekly sessions.

Engaging and engaging resources.

Qualified, experienced Primary school teachers.

Summer term 2024 term has begun and continues until May. Classes start again in late September.  Please email your enquiry. Thank you!


What is it?

Help your child reach their potential and give them that edge, Labhair Linn classes will reinforce what's learnt in the classroom. We've made learning Irish easy and fun!

Each child is drawn in, encouraged to speak, and helped with sentence structure in a relaxed environment.


To increase fluency and confidence and begin to speak in complete sentences.


In the comfort of your own home for just half an hour each week.

How many in a class?

Four learners only, to give as much individual attention as possible.

How much?

€12 per half hour session with 1 session per week.

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