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How we have supported shy, hesitant learners and made it fun!

‘The Labhair Linn courses are a fantastic idea and He is benefitting from both the maths and Irish. He is very happy with his maths class and really likes his teacher, he finds Eoghan very helpful and encouraging. I think the course is covering and recapping on the areas that H would like assistance with, like percentages and time, speed and distance. He is delighted to be getting the extra help'

Marie, Dublin

I have to say J really enjoys them. I have quietly listened in for a few minutes once or twice and I'm very impressed with what I'm hearing. The spoken language is so important, away from the books and formal grammar etc. even through that is essential as well. So very pleased with the sessions.

Elaine, Dublin

They were dreading it but they absolutely loved it. At the end they said ‘can’t wait for the next one’

Janice, Dublin

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